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Windytv is intuitive, fast, efficient and the most accurate forecast app available for your browser, iPhone or Android phone.

  • A very well done application, I say. Its gives one a different perspective….

  • Super app : especially on a big monitor

  • I have discovered Windytv recently by a friend and i have to say that it fantastic. I am flying small planes and I find it very good to see forecast for a few days. Congratulations.

  • It’s a another fantastic resource added to a rapidly developing weather forecasting aid.

  • Using my favorite weather app Windytv, we were able to see that the winds currently were around 36 knots, but would die down to 2-3 knots in the morning.

  • Just Awesome

    Being in the deep south of New Zealand and relying on good forecasting, this would be the best data site I have seen. Thanks for the amazing effort, windytv is becoming the most popular site down here.

  • The app and the site is awesome! A friend introduced it to me while sailing around the coast of Newfoundland last year.

  • I viewed the new tutorial, fantastic new version. I surf, sail and fly. Thanks so much!

  • Fantastic! Great job. Really could have used this in the 90’s when I sailed around the world on a little boat. :-)

  • This is simply fantastic, WindyTv is quickly becoming not only my #1 site for weather forecasting, but also the only site I need. Great work!

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Why you should start using Windytv

  Beautiful and useful

Observe wind, temperature and other forecast data right on the map.

  Fast and efficient

Windytv is now 3x faster and requires much less of your computer CPU and memory.


Create a list of your favorite overlays and even use your custom colors for overlays.