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Windytv is intuitive, fast, efficient and the most accurate forecast app available for your browser, iPhone or Android phone.

  • Love this app

    Weather that’s both beautifully rendered and easier to understand than any other visualization I’ve seen (as a sailor I look at a lot of different sources)

  • Super app : especially on a big monitor

  • The app and the site is awesome! A friend introduced it to me while sailing around the coast of Newfoundland last year.

  • I viewed the new tutorial, fantastic new version. I surf, sail and fly. Thanks so much!

  • Fantastic! Great job. Really could have used this in the 90’s when I sailed around the world on a little boat. :-)

  • Love the site and the improvements. I use them to forecast weather, wind, waves and swells when traveling offshore in the boat.

  • Watching for a weather window next week I realized I forgot to share this site and app. You can view wind, waves, pressure and can from surface to air and the app has 500mb option. You can advance the graphics at the bottom and can click anyway see for site specific details. You’ll find web cams, wave details and tons more info the more you play around with it. As you zoom in weather bouys and stations become available as green blue and grey circles and further in satellite imagery becomes available automatically but you can always make that the default background but slows it down considerably. The forecasting is as accurate / inaccurate as most anywhere but I find observations and common sense and adavancing the graphics and watching the pressure systems move I can better predict than most available forecasts (in my area anyways, as our forecasts are done down south 😐 ) I’ll be watching the low pressure systems as they move towards the BC coast to plan my trip.

  • That’s neat…

    kinda like staring at a lava lamp!

  • Great web site you have developed

    I am a retired air traffic controller, avid sailor, and have lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida for most of my life. Working in ATC, everything is about the weather, so for my 30 years in the business I observed and interpreted the weather here in central Florida. Although I am not a meteorologist, I think I am well qualified to engage in weather observations and predictions. I have also been sailing boats for 30+ years. Currently I sail a Precision 23, strictly for pleasure and coastal adventures. I have been up and down the sailboat size scale over the years and have done a fair amount of offshore work. Love the web site and all my controller friends I have introduced to it love it as well.

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  Beautiful and useful

Observe wind, temperature and other forecast data right on the map.

  Fast and efficient

Windytv is now 3x faster and requires much less of your computer CPU and memory.


Create a list of your favorite overlays and even use your custom colors for overlays.